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"I was taken aback by the usage. I had no idea it would be used this much. But our employees love the local deals and it's something they can use every day."
"We've compared employee discount programs before and Access Perks is just in a different league. It offers local deals, so my team can walk next door and get a free drink, or go across the street for 50% off lunch every day. I've personally used it to save over $1,000 on a weeklong vacation."
"This is a great way to reward our Associates. We give it to all new hires, and they really appreciate having those discounts."

Access Perks helps businesses succeed

Happy customers and enthusiastic employees both are key drivers of business growth. We help you help your employees stress less about money and focus more on their work.

Reward your workforce

Save up to 50% on everyday purchases (local and online) with our exclusive discounts.
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Retain employees longer

Reduce turnover, increase productivity, and increase profitability. Your CFO will thank you!
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Recruit more successfully

Bolster your reputation as a good, fun, caring place to work in the battle for talent in a highly competitive marketplace.
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Increase employee engagement

Help employees stress less about 
their paycheck while improving 
morale and engagement.

America's largest network, the most employee value

Thanks to our direct relationships with over 1 million merchants, no other employee discount program comes close to delivering more savings in more communities throughout America.

  • Over 1 Million Locations
  • All 366 U.S. Metropolitan Areas
  • All 576 U.S. Micropolitan Areas
  • 99.6% of Entire U.S. Population

Employees save up to 50%
on their everyday purchases

Over the past 35+ years, we’ve built exclusive relationships with brands, allowing us to offer the best deals and maximize your employees' savings. Something that no free network can do and few competitors can even come close to offering.

  • Automotive Services
  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Groceries
  • Dining
  • Travel
  • Theme Parks
  • Movie Tickets
  • And More!

What makes us America's best employee discount network?

The Most Offers
We’re the largest discount network in America. With over 1 million participating merchant locations, we cover 99% of the entire US population.
Unparalleled Travel Deals
Both your business AND your workforce can save thousands on hotels and car rentals at prices 10- 50% lower than you’ll find on public sites.
Local Providers
Approximately 90% of all discretionary consumer spending takes place in-store within 20 miles from home. Your employees need more than just online deals!
Savings on Everyday Needs
With discounts on food, clothing, entertainment, auto care and more, employees can save money every single day – thanks to you!
The Deepest Discounts
We’ve spent the past 35+ years working directly with merchants to negotiate the best possible deals for your team.
Brands Employees Love
If you like the idea of getting great deals from brands you recognize, then you and your employees are in for a pleasant surprise.
Mobile Coupons
Your employees are on-the-go. Their savings should be too! With our industry-disrupting mobile app, employees can both find AND redeem deals just by using their smartphone.
Branded for Your Business
Your employees should be thanking you, not us. We brand our website and mobile app for your organization.
Toll-Free Customer Service
We answer employee questions and provide technical support, allowing the rest of your staff to remain focused on the work at hand.
Employer-Friendly Pricing
For about the cost of a candy bar, you can help employees save hundreds or thousands of dollars. Now that’s an ROI that any executive can get behind.